We’re a business acceleration consultancy for the digital world.

Surge Assembly is all about helping our clients accelerate, grow, and streamline their organization by delivering integrated digital solutions and the elite talent needed to fuel those solutions.

By knocking down the traditional barriers between technology, operations, and design needs, we provide our clients with the greatest opportunity for digital innovation and market leadership.

Our Consultants are savvy entrepreneurs who are passionate about guiding change-minded organizations into the digital world. With humble roots as a development agency, we harnessed our elite talent in the early days to build a new type of consultancy.

Our Clients are change-minded leaders and risk-takers looking to make an impact by championing a new approach, idea, or product. We help these ambitious dynamos bring their vision to reality.

Our Results remain the same: accelerated revenue results for our clients.

Our Company

Founded in 2004, Surge Assembly is a woman-owned business headquartered in Washington, DC.

Our name represents the coming together of three goals: (1) identifying existing resources within organizations, (2) applying our talents to help organizations and business excel, and (3) assembling what exists with new innovations to generate success.

Surge Assembly also serves on boards and encourages a spirit of volunteerism among employees. We give our time and energy to various causes and we regularly publish articles, attend events, speak at conference, and generally serve as a professional resource to nonprofits and business leaders.

Why Choose Us?

  • Outstanding quality
  • Demonstrated value
  • Ongoing commitment to success

Give us an opportunity to discuss your needs and demonstrate our expertise. You can find out more about project costs and speak with past Surge Assembly clients. You’ll see why we’re in a class by ourselves.


Surge Assembly employs more than 20 professionals with a diverse range of specialties. Our open source division has one of the industry’s largest concentrations of expertise in the CRM software and we have deep expertise in the most commonly used open source CMS systems — WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal.

As important as our technical proficiency is our expertise in requirements analysis, cost estimation, project management, quality assurance, and customer support. All this ensures your project be finished successfully and efficiently.