Development Analysis and Strategy Services

One of our main competitive advantages is our ability to understand your business model and communicate effectively with you to establish your requirements. This understanding is critical to the current and future success of the strategy process; without it we would be building a house without a blueprint. We begin by analyzing your current organization processes and ideas and determining how we can address your challenges or bottlenecks with a custom built solution. Once we have a solid understanding of your requirements, we are able to proceed with the high and low-level designs of our services that act as the final blueprint for your solution. Read more about our process here.

Our strategic process, technical creativity, and passion for the job dictate that we will deliver a solution that will yield immediate and lasting results for your organization.

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On-Demand Strategy consultations are provided by our Lead consultants. Click Here to book your strategy meeting with you or your entire staff at a $150/hour rate today.

We can do a lot with a little…

If you have already spent time creating a detailed specification for your development strategy, that’s great. However, if you’re not sure where to begin, we can help. By spending time with all applicable parties, including management, administrators, and customers, we can flesh out requirements that serve everyone. Once we have a large set of requirements, the triage process occurs. We will work together to place the requirements into three distinct categories:

  • Must-have
  • Should-have
  • Nice-to-have

Through this process the most relevant, mission critical requirements are emphasized and will be developed first. This ensures the delivery of a functional development strategy in the most time and cost effective manner possible.