Exciting Changes – A Note from Our CEO


For more than a decade, our firm has established its brand as PinStripe Consulting. We have become focused on distinguishing ourselves among boutique firms and clarifying our services within the industry. To this end, we are pleased to announce that PinStripe Consulting will now be identified as Surge Assembly. Our new name accurately reflects our “dual” role — partner and adviser. The breadth of Surge Assembly‘s tailored services will make this mission possible industry-wide.

Over the years, we have modeled an unshakable dedication to developing our team, strengthening our core competencies, and building rock-solid partnerships. We also strive to leverage our superior talent pool to create high-quality solutions that support client goals and objectives. Our team understands that customer success hinges on Surge Assembly’s ability to provide the following: structured project management; continuous development procedure improvement; and integrated technology design. In turn, we remain flexible and prepared to exceed expressed expectations.

Surge Assembly’s client-first focus remains intact and we sincerely appreciate your continued support during this transition. We invite you to visit Surge Assembly‘s new website, explore its offerings, and provide feedback. As always, Surge Assembly looks forward to partnering for your success in 2014 and beyond.


Rakia Finley
CEO & Lead Consultant | Surge Assembly | www.surgeassembly.com

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