Change Management

To compete in today’s fast-moving marketplace, companies need to be agile: able to execute strategy faster, with more flexibility and adaptability, and to move their companies ahead more nimbly. They need to respond quickly to short-term urgencies, while also anticipating and accommodating long-term trends.

To outperform competitors, companies need to manage change with precision and more predictable results, and at a pace that is faster and more effective than their peers. Traditional change management activities such as training and communication are not sufficient to help companies develop the ongoing change management capabilities they need.

To succeed and remain agile in today’s environment, organizations must manage a broad set of management, leadership, culture and development components. They must both manage specific journeys of change while simultaneously building the ongoing ability to manage continuous change, knowing that progress will now be measured based on the business results achieved.

Surge Assembly delivers advanced and innovative change management services that help our clients prepare for and manage complex business, organizational and workforce change in a market that is evolving at an accelerating pace.

We leverage distinctive, data-driven assets to increase the pace and certainty of successful organizational change.

Our holistic approach encompasses change planning; stakeholder engagement and communications; change measurement and organizational readiness; organizational culture; change sustainability; and training and performance support.

Our change management services can drive a variety of positive strategic outcomes, including improved adaptability and strategic agility, increased success rates from transformation initiatives, improved stakeholder buy-in and commitment, and faster speed of transition.

The scope of our change management offerings covers the entire lifecycle of a change program:

  • Journey Management. We help our clients define a future state, develop a road map to get there, establish a plan to achieve the desired business value, and manage progress along the way.
  • Change Enablement. Our services cover managing organizational change, enabling system and process change, and transitioning the new sourcing models.
  • Organization Change Capability. We help put in the competencies, leadership, structures and metrics that make our clients more change-capable.