Digital Business Strategy

Innovators work with Surge Assembly to build their digital business. They know that success in the digital world requires more than applying new technology to old products, processes and experiences.

A digital business innovates business outcomes through unique customer experiences and new combinations of information, business resources, and technology. Without new experiences, outcomes and combinations, leaders digitize what they do without changing why they should succeed in a digital world.

Digital is an adjective describing how technology makes everything information intensive and connected. Anything can be made digital. But technologies like mobility, analytics, social media, and cloud can do so much more. Having these technologies may make a leader ‘feel’ digital, but too often come to realize a false sense of security and strategic advantage. Actually ‘being’ a digital business requires going beyond substituting technology to transforming the business.

Digital business success requires making strategic choices that recognize the primacy of customers in the business model, realize the difference between what is possible and profitable, and creates new customer value in ways leading to growing company revenues and results. Making these choices form the essence of Surge’s Digital Business Strategy.

Surge Assembly works with organizations in every industry helping them become digital businesses. Together we create unique answers to the question of how technology drives growth, and produce results through new combinations and operations that sustain a difference in a dynamic digital world.

Surge  is unique in its ability to bring together leading digital and industry expertise from digital strategy and transformation to customer experience, operating models and ongoing operations, organizational design, and technology strategy and platforms.

We work with leaders to innovative, design, and transform to achieve their digital business vision and agenda. We see our success in achieving high performing solutions that raise results and revenues while preserving the future flexibility required for sustained performance in an increasingly digital world

  • Digital Strategy & Transformation
    Leaders choose us to develop a digital business strategy for realizing unique digital opportunities and plan their transformation. We identify disruptive trends created by digital technology, customer expectations and competitors in your industry. We turn disruption into opportunity, employing an agile, interactive and information driven approach to Strategy and Operating Model Design, Innovation Workshops, and Capabilities Assessment to define your digital opportunities and forward journey.
  • Digital Architecture
    We assist in identifying and defining the building blocks necessary to realize the identified opportunities, creating Digital Process Effectiveness and employing Information and Data Architecture to support the blueprint, enterprise data model and data governance. The full user experience lifecycle is defined and mapped to ensure the optimal Customer Experience across the entire Digital Ecosystem, and a Rapid Prototyping Capability enabled to provide for continuous evolution of digital solutions.
  • Digital Delivery Solutions
    Our Digital Factory, Cloud and Mobility Solutions, Big Data & Analytics, Emerging Technologies and Systems Integration combine to bring the newly defined Digital Business to life.
  • Digital Operations
    We support our clients’ digital transformation through our function and industry Business Services and functional (cross-industry) and industry specific Business Process Outsourcing, procurement, supply chain, human resources, recruiting, learning and marketing.