Letter from Our CEO

Welcome to Surge Assembly, a full-service development and technology strategy firm catering to non-profits and businesses nationally.

After an exceptionally busy and successful 2013, we begin 2014 with a real sense of renewal and reinvigoration. Right off the bat, we began the process of changing our name from PinStripe Consulting to Surge Assembly and increasing our service capabilities. Though we will miss PinStripe we wanted a name that reflected what we do. Working with our clients we assemble their existing resources and identify and develop their needed enhancements to generate a surge in their growth. We are excited about the individual services we provide that make this mission possible across industries.

Thank you for your continued confidence in Surge Assembly during this process. On behalf of the entire company, I can tell you that we are motivated and inspired by the opportunities that you give us to help you succeed.

Over the years, we have remained dedicated to developing our people, strengthening our capabilities, and building trusting relationships with our clients and partners. We also pride ourselves on providing superior talent to deliver high-quality solutions aligned with the key objectives of our clients—disciplined project management, continuous development procedure improvement, and integrated technology enablement. We do so with flexibility and nimbleness that fit your objectives—not ours. We are excited for the future and the opportunity to work with you in these areas to exceed your expectations.

So as you explore Surge Assembly, we hope you begin to get excited about the way we believe we are providing value for our clients. If there is anything that we can do to improve our service to you feel free to reach out to us. I’m proud of what we do at Surge Assembly – and I’m truly excited about the work we’ll be doing together in 2014.

Best Regards,

Rakia Finley
CEO/Lead Consultant