Mobile Strategy

Surge Assembly’s five core mobility offerings help organizations embrace business to employee (B2E), business to consumer (B2C), business to business (B2B) and machine to machine (M2M) business opportunities.

Mobility Consulting

Mobility Strategy and Planning

Mobility strategy consulting services help SURGE clients develop mobility strategies and accompanying mobility business and technology plans to drive additional enterprise and customer value.

Features of this offer include:

  • Mobile strategy project approach
  • Enterprise mobility trends analysis
  • Mobility frameworks
  • Project work plans
  • Application development management and project estimating tools
  • Project road maps
  • Enterprise mobility visions

Product Portfolio Strategy and Planning

Device portfolio strategy helps product and service providers evaluate the technological opportunities associated with developing a consolidated, cohesive and consistent product image. Targeting specific customer segments, the strategy defines an overarching hardware approach and product classifications. This strategy then serves as the guide for sourcing and procurement.

This offering helps clients to position themselves at the intersection of mobile networks, devices and digital media. The strategy also provides an analysis of the economies associated with each relevant industry layer—chipsets, operating systems and user interfaces, and digital mobile services—and details techniques for properly monetizing subscriber relationships.

Features of this offer include:

  • Customer segmentation
  • Go-to-market approach
  • Product category framework
  • Demand estimation and return on investment tools
  • Product road maps

Mobility Software Services – Applications

Custom Mobile Application Development

Custom mobile application development combines leading edge commercial and custom applications, middleware and platforms so organizations can deploy secure and easy-to-manage mobile functionality.

Features of this offer include:

  • Mobile delivery methodology
  • Mobile architecture frameworks, tools, and accelerators
  • User experience prototyping approach
  • Mobile Testing capability across device, carrier, platform
  • Mobile platform agnostic approach (native or browser based)

Application Factory

SURGE application factory offering addresses key market challenges across people, process and infrastructure/tools. Device/platform requirements are addressed by a pool of experts (application architects, UX/UI designers, test automation experts, etc.) and cross platform skilled engineers with deep skills in application development.

Features of this offer include:

  • Experienced application engineers with deep multi-platform skills, combined with industry background in product R&D for multiple handset ecosystem players
  • User experience services support the entire lifecycle from end user evaluation, design to post development usability testing
  • Porting guidelines and design considerations address porting from desktop environment to multiple mobile platforms
  • Solution accelerators including multi-platform development tools and in-house built component libraries
  • Emphasis on distributed agile methodology

Mobile Application Testing

SURGE mobile application testing brings together SURGE’s deep knowledge of the enterprise, expertise in mobile technologies and strong end-to-end testing practices to help all organizations fast track mobility deployments.

Features of this offer include:

  • Test strategy consulting for the rapidly changing device landscape and growing complexities of mobile application testing
  • Mobile Application Test Laboratories with a large range of mobile devices across platforms and operating systems, hosted across the globe and constantly including new devices
  • Powerful test framework for enabling remote access to devices, operating off shore test centers, simulating network conditions and automating test execution
  • Test specifications for enterprise mobile applications across industry segments (e.g., banking, retail, insurance, health, etc.) with test libraries to enable fast project start-up
  • End-to-end testing approach to cover all aspects of mobile application testing (e.g., functionality, security, reliability, device compatibility, etc.)
  • Application store pre-certification
  • Experienced test teams to ensure defect-free deployments and a smooth roll-out
  • SURGE Delivery Methods for Testing provides a robust framework designed to ensure quality in testing, meet launch timelines and manage costs

Mobility Software Services – Device & Platforms

Device Innovation
Device Innovation is a robust service that helps our clients to rapidly create, launch and maintain smart devices that are connected, differentiated and of excellent quality.

Device Software Engineering
This offering provides a turn-key service to create mobile and embedded device variants, from concept to product launch, to enable complete market coverage. The service creates devices to geographic, demographic or service-provider requirements, with integration of vertical services and with other devices (M2M).

Device Testing
ROSA (remote access, offshore testing, testing on simulated networks and automation) a comprehensive testing framework and approach, includes pre-conformance, usability testing, functional testing, performance testing, stability for devices and network components that use any type of access technology or operating system, including HLOSs, proprietary frameworks and feature phones.

Platform Maintenance
This service allows clients to outsource the complete maintenance of a product line or the underlying HW/SW platform. SURGE provides the expertise, tools, processes and infrastructure required for taking over delivery and maintenance of a platform or a product, post release.

In-Vehicle Infotainment
This offering integrates features and platform extensions for leading OSs to address the specific needs of automotive while enhancing the IVI user experience such as: Bluetooth® wireless technology telephony, internet radio, location based services (including traffic reporting), CE device connectivity, navigation, multimedia AV and HMI (GUI and voice controlled UI).

Mobility Managed Services

Enterprise Application Catalog
A ready-to-use, hosted service that sets clients securely manage enterprise users’ mobile devices and distribute enterprise mobile applications directly to enterprise users’ devices from a central location.

Mobile Device Management
A managed service that offers enterprise level deployment and management of mobile devices. The service centrally controls the asset, security, software, configuration and other attributes specific to disparate devices.

Mobile Device Connectivity
Mobile device connectivity provides for the ability to connect, control and track devices. Connect includes a set of functions to provision, connect to and communicate with devices on wireless networks.

Control adds the capabilities to remotely command and control these devices. Track supports geo-fencing and other tracking functions.

Connected Vehicle
A service to seamlessly manage commercial fleets and individual vehicles. The solution can integrate with a mix OEM on board units (OBU) or aftermarket solutions and provides simple “tracking services” all the way to complex user- based insurance schemes.

Communications Billing Software Solutions and Service Delivery Platform
Comms BSS/SDP is a managed service platform that lets clients launch, operate and scale vertical mobile offerings quickly based on a variable cost, transaction model. Offered as end-to-end managed services, the solution addresses client business challenges while minimizing operating risk and the high cost of infrastructure setup.

Mobile Banking
A flexible solution provided either as a managed service or licensed installed “enterprise” version connecting banks core banking services to the consumers mobile devices via a choice of channels.

Mobile Wallet/Payments
The mobile wallet is a substitute to the current “leather wallet.” A consumer can manage and operate all “cards” whether payment (debit, credit, closed loop, private label, gift card, etc.) transportation or loyalty. The wallet is a place where the cards are physically stored if they are Near Field Communication (NFC). From this application the user can make a proximity or remote payment, earn and burn points, view their balance, top up, etc. The wallet also brings a managed stored value account and access to federated merchants.

Custom Platform Services
Mobility custom services provide access to a large pool of easily usable and accessible virtualized resources or building blocks to rapidly accommodate specific industry, security, functional, geographic or performance needs.

Mobility Enterprise Integration Services

Workforce Management

Workforce management helps organizations improve the efficiency of their distributed field force—employees or contractors—through business process re-engineering, cultural change, organizational structure, performance management and workforce management tools.

Features of this offer include:

  • Fully integrated and managed service offering a single monthly price per technician, with maintenance and management included.
  • Provides all required management and planning as well as scheduling, dispatching and training components.
  • Remote data management.
  • Provides easy management of third-party field resources.
  • Numerous interfaces for extending and consolidating workforce information with enterprise systems.
  • Standard deployment requires just six weeks.

Sales Force Automation

Mobile sales force automation gives sales team members access to key product information allowing them to perform critical sales functions including accessing product information, placement of orders, checking order status, updating sales pipeline information and looking up client details.

Features of this offer include:

  • Access key customer information at point-of-need
  • Manage leads/opportunities by account or territory
  • Allow sales team to share activity, calendar and workflow data
  • Access up-to-date product information
  • Access customer-specific pricing and product configuration
  • Create/track orders
  • Access sales reports
  • Delivery and status alerts