Strategic Branding

Many organizations have marketable values and either don’t know what they are or fail to adequately highlight them. That’s why our branding services go beyond just designing a logo and maintaining its size and shape. Our Strategic Branding is a set of innovative processes for developing brand identities that are dynamic, effective and that fully leverage a brand’s potential.


Surge’s Strategic Branding starts with Brand Discovery to uncover an organization’s hidden values, and reduce the understanding of those values and other characteristics to its simplest and most concise form. (If an organization already has a clear brand message, we focus our work on building upon existing brand assets.) The focus of our Identity Development is creating visual systems that effectively communicate corporate values and give would-be customers compelling reasons to choose our clients’ organizations over the competition. Brand Development deepens the understanding of our clients’ brands. We get to know their organizations and incorporate their unique style, tone of voice and language into their brand identities. And to complete their brand development, we determine our clients’ corporate personalities and effectively use them to connect their services and products to their prospective customers.

Strategic Branding
Brand Communication
Marketing & Sales
Brand Management

Brand Communications

Too often, organizations fail to be strategic in developing their communications. White papers and online demos are created as one-offs. Brochures and sell sheets may be designed on the fly, likely in response to a request for information or another immediate need. And opportunities are missed because some services have no marketing material at all. That’s why our work is about more than just designing good-looking marketing pieces. We support your Public Relation goals to implement success.


Our Brand Communications services start with an understanding of our client’s business goals and if they have one, their brand strategy. Whether a new business or an established brand, our Communications Mapping assists clients in determining the vehicles that will most clearly communicate their message to their target audiences and meet their needs. Surge Assembly manages every aspect of bringing creative to life—planning, concept, copywriting, design, production and distribution. The focus of our Content + Collateral Development is creating website content and marketing and sales materials. Web + Digital Development includes the design and implementation of custom websites, web and mobile applications and e-marketing products.

Marketing + Sales

Customers are the lifeblood of every company, and it’s marketing’s job to find new customers, pass quality leads to sales and continue to build customer relationships. That’s why our brand marketing services go beyond just creating materials that have a consistent look and feel. Surge’s Marketing + Sales work is a systematic process for building audiences, increasing traffic, generating leads and driving sales. We develop and manage marketing campaigns and plan and implement sales systems that are efficient, predictable and measurable—and that generate impressive results.


Our Brand Marketing includes Direct Marketing strategies that target specific audiences with compelling offers to entice them to engage with the campaign or promotion. Advertising + Social Media are inbound marketing strategies for attracting prospects who are actively seeking what our clients offer. Sales Optimization intelligently maps the sales process to deliver an engaging, predictable and repeatable customer experience. Our sales systems make it easy to create, launch and monitor campaigns that automatically nurture prospects throughout the sales cycle.

Brand Management

Many organizations suffer from a lack of quality and consistency in their marketing materials. Often, graphic assets are incomplete or hard to access. Creative workflows are inefficient and slow. Resources go to waste. Opportunities for growth are missed. And opportunities to build customer loyalty are lost—along with the repeat sales and referrals such loyalty typically generates. That’s why our work is about more than just maintaining brand identity standards, like the color and shape of a logo. We improve brand performance, reduce error and increase efficiency throughout the creative workflow lifecycle.


Our Brand Management services include Brand Performance to measure a brand’s contribution to the success of a business; Brand Control to develop processes and procedures for protecting a brand’s values and identity—what it shows, who it addresses and how well it conveys the brand message; Rights Management to ensure compliance with licensing agreements and mitigate the risks from trademark and other intellectual property infringement; and Creative Workflow Management to improve collaboration, reduce costs and shorten production cycles. We measure key performance of creative workflows to identify inefficiencies and provide the information to correct them.