Website Design Services

An aesthetically pleasing and strategically developed website can give your organization the competitive edge needed to attract online business, impress potential donors and make information more accessible and enlightening. Your website is a reflection of your product or mission and therefore is an association made with your organization that contributes directly to the customer and employee experience. Surge Assembly provides custom web design services that help companies transform the web into a powerful business tool geared toward moving them to higher levels of efficiency and profitability.

We focus on helping businesses deliver a valuable online experience by considering essential points such as:

  • Is the website and the information presented accessible?
  • Is the information concise and informative?
  • Does the presentation accurately portray your company’s image?
  • Do media items such as images and videos enhance or restrict the online experience?
  • Is attention focused in the right areas?
  • Is the construction of the website search engine accessible?
  • Is the website maintainable?
  • Does it save you time and money?

At Surge, our designers have years of experience in creating beautiful designs that deliver successful user experiences. We’ll make sure that your site will communicate well with your customers while looking great and adhering to web standards.