We understand that as a result of the intangible nature of custom technology and development services, clients are essentially investing in our business first, for the development of their solutions. We want to make the decision to choose Surge Assembly as easy as possible and thus it is important to us that there is a high level of confidence in our capabilities, our commitment to quality, and our process. So, why choose us?

  • We have a team of qualified consultants with a minimum of 7 years industry experience plus post-secondary education.
  • We have demonstrable expertise and have helped well over 100 reputable companies develop and launch complex technology and development solutions.
  • We use our technical creativity and diverse industry knowledge to develop solutions that provide real, lasting value.
  • We have solid references from reputable businesses and place a strong emphasis on building trust.
  • We believe in a pragmatic, agile approach to strategy development with frequent feedback and short, prioritized iterations. What does this mean?
  • We utilize an industry-standard strategy development methodology to ensure a high qualitycost effectiveusable solution. Learn more about our process.
  • We can work on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or fixed price basis to best suit your needs.
  • Our quality assurance process ensures the delivery of a seamless solutions that can be immediately integrated into the workplace.